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Another Split Test Leads to 107% Increase In Response Rate

April 6th, 2013 by David Whitehouse

This was a really simple split test that I carried out for The Old Deanery. I used people checking availability and using the contact form as the conversion, and I created a new version of the website.

To create the new version all I did was add an image to the footer:

I had trawled the web finding articles on well known newspapers in which they had been mentioned/reviewed over the years – I actually decided not to use The Sun, as I didn’t think it fitted in with the target audience.

The new version was chosen as the winner in Google Analytics Content Experiments after just 5 days and a total of 437 visits and 55 conversions, making it my fastest winner to date – I’ve had a number of split tests on The Old Deanery website that have gone on for 90 days with no clear winner, so this was a relief! Check out the screenshot below:


So a great result for my client, hopefully after a few more like this we can do a new website design without the risk of losing conversions!

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