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How we increased response rates by 93% for one client

November 13th, 2012 by David Whitehouse

We’ve been working with The Old Deanery Hotel since September, we created a marketing plan which we are currently in the process of implementing. One part of the plan was improving the website – they haven’t got the budget to get a new website at the moment, so we’ve been making minor changes to the website, testing the difference in response rates between the new version of a page and the old version. Here’s a little more information on how we went about it:

Market Research

Before we started making any changes we needed to know what the key problems with the website were at the moment. For this we used a tool called Qualaroo. We got an overwhelming response to add more photos to the website.

Down to Work

We didn’t have any decent photos, so we hired a professional photographer to come in and take some. We then created our first test:

Test 1 (Loser)

For the first test we created 4 separate room pages (standard room, superior room, twin room & four poster bedroom) that linked in from the main hotel page, each of these pages had 6 photos and pricing. Here is the result from this test:

Image showing that the test version had a 7.1% chance of beating original

7.1% chance of beating the original – back to the drawing board, this was almost statistically confident and was certainly nowhere near the result I was aiming for, so I stopped this test early.

Test 2 (Slightly Better, But Still Lost)

On the second test I figured that it must be because they have to browse between different pages and so I put all the photos on the main page instead. Here are the results from that test:

An image showing the test version had a 12.8% chance of beating the original

%12.8 chance of beating the original – better, but still very poor – this again was stopped early as it was performing so poorly.

Test 3 (The Winner)

On the final test I decided it must be something about the photos, so I deleted all the ones I thought weren’t particularly great, and kept the best ones. Here are the results from that test:

Image showing the test version having a 99.7% chance to beat the original with a 93% increase in response rate

A phenomenal result! 99.7% chance of beating the original and an increase in conversion rate of 93%, this should hopefully result in an extra 22 bookings per month, at an average of £100 per room (not their official average, just my rough estimation) this works out at as an additional £2200 additional revenue per month, £26,400 per year – assuming they aren’t full of course.

Want to learn more about split testing? Then visit our split testing resource.

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