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Majority of Small Businesses Operating Without A Marketing Plan

May 30th, 2013 by David Whitehouse

64.4% Don't Plan

We asked 200 SME owners and 64.4% of them do not have a marketing plan.

I ran a survey on Google Consumer Surveys, screening for small business owners, and asked 200 a simple question:

Do you have a written/documented marketing plan?

The majority of small businesses, as I suspected, said no – 64.4% did not have a marketing plan. The great thing about Google Consumer Surveys is that it also showed me that this was statistically valid:

Graph showing 64.4% of SME's do not have a marketing plan.

Google Consumer Surveys, May 2013 [click to enlarge]

Older People Plan More

What was more interesting was when it was broken down by age:

Graph showing that older people are more likely to have a marketing plan.

Survey, May 2013

Women Appear To Plan Less

70% of women did not have a marketing plan, compared to only 62.2% of men.

Survey, May 2013


For small businesses it is imperative that you have a marketing plan, by doing so you have a strong likelihood to have an edge over your competitors.

If you don’t currently have a marketing plan and think you perhaps need one check out our marketing planning service.

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