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Hotel Marketing Resource

We’ve been working with The Old Deanery since September 2012, during which time we’ve learned a lot about the hospitality and tourism industry. Here are some handy resources that may come in handy when doing marketing for a hotel:

Online Booking

If you are looking for an online booking facility, we recommend Free to Book, it integrates with Google Analytics, which means you can find out where your bookings are coming from, on top of that it integrates and synchronises with all the big hotel booking giants such as,, and it integrates with TripAdvisor as well. Plus it’s free! Highly recommended.


The photos you put on your website are very important – I know this sounds obvious, but we found that it was such an important factor that some photos could actually put people off, so it’s best to choose carefully, or even better, split test it.


If you are in Yorkshire, Welcome to Yorkshire provide some very interesting statistics on occupancy rates, both by hotel type and weekday/weekend. This has been very useful, particularly in identifying places where we’ve not been performing as well.


You are going to live or die by your reputation on TripAdvisor, watch it like a hawk. If you find a bad review, respond to it politely as soon as possible. If you find a problem mentioned in a review, get it fixed as soon as you can, or you’ll be inundated with bad reviews in no time! If you have a good TripAdvisor rating, boast about it.

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