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Ripon – Promotion Opportunities


There are a number of publications in Ripon which accept advertising:

Review Ripon – has a circulation of 10,000 and advertising costs start at £22 for a standing order business card sized advert. Most local tradesman get a great response from this magazine.

On Your Doorstep is similar to Review Ripon, except they also operate a wider area as well, I prefer to read Review Ripon as it’s more local – I imagine other residents are the same, but worth testing or even using both for advertising purposes, especially if you want to appeal to North Yorkshire, rather than just Ripon.

Ripon Gazette has a circulation of 3,743 (according to

Other Advertising Opportunities

Car Parking Ticket Ads – You can advertise on the back of car park tickets in Ripon, Sainburys car park is operated by, I got quoted £1,440 for 3 months, with around 180,000 tickets.


You can get a listing on the Discover Ripon website.
You can also get a listing on Ripon Internet.
If you join Ripon & District Chamber of Trade & Commerce you might be able to get a member profile with a link to your website under their member profiles section.

Social Media


Here are a list of Ripon based twitter feeds that may be a good way to promote your business if you get a RT for example:

Team/Club Sponsorship

There are plenty of teams/clubs in Ripon that are likely to be open to sponsorship. Suggest contacting any of the following to see if they are interested:

If you feel we’ve missed anything, please let us know on the contact form and we’ll get it added!