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The Old Deanery


The Old Deanery

The Old Deanery

The Problem

The Old Deanery had been struggling a bit in the recession – it operates a nice hotel and a restaurant with superb food, but they were only doing enough business to just break even. Engineered Marketing was approached in order to help rectify this issue and help the business make a healthy profit.

The Solution

Like every client we work with, we started off The Old Deanery marketing project by creating them a marketing plan. We went through the usual stages of research, looking at their marketing, competitors and customers. We worked out where they are now and where they need to be and we put together a strategy to achieve that. We are currently implementing the plan we have created for them, so we’re half way through, but so far we’ve managed to get a lot done.

We still have lots planned, so watch this space!

Results (so far)

What Our Client Thinks

“David has, quite simply, demystified the marketing process for me. In particular, he has tested and tried his ideas and mine before deciding on the way forward and it is showing great results.”

Linda Whitehouse, Managing Director, Deanery Hotels Ltd.

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